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Poster: Daddy D Date: Sep 22, 2012 1:48pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Favorite weird little moments

Not really a favorite moment but certainly weird at the time.

It's late 80's / early 90's; I'm on Jerry Band tour somewhere on the East coast. I've got a table set up in parking lot & selling t-shirts.

All the sudden this guy gets in my face & starts SCREAMING, calling me a "MFing thief", how I'm using his copyrighted design, etc. All of the sudden he grabs me by the throat & slams me up against my van, still screaming. Fairly quickly a large Deadhead pulls the guy off me & yells out the guy "You wanna' fight? Why don't you try picking on someone your own size asshole!" Some other people tell the guy to chill out & walk away with him. I'm like "WTF was that all about??"

Turns out the guy who accosted me was Doug Irwin, who made several famous guitars that Jerry played. He was pissed because one of the shirts I was selling had a drawing of Jerry playing guitar on it, and on the guitar was a Rose or Tiger (can't remember which) which Irwin considered to be his copyrighted design.